Non-Metallic Material Solution Provider

High quality mineral area in Asia——Xinyang Shangtiandi non-metallic mining area
China was the first member of the "International Perlite Association"

Adhering to the vision of "creating a better world with new materials", seize the national green development opportunity, and strive to extend the three industrial chains of "new green materials", "prefabricated buildings" and "efficient soilless cultivation", and build a global technical solution and product supply platform, so that Xinyang's unique "green" specialties can better go to the world and serve the world.

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Non-metallic Materials Solut ions

We focus on providing one-stop services for the application of key production materials, research and development innovation, material supply and technical consultation for foundry, construction, agriculture, filtration, filling, industrial and other industries.

Services are Spread Worldwide

Xinyang IMCASTE Services and Sales cover more than 20 provinces and cities in China, and are extensively exported to countries such as Germany, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam,and Thailand. It is among the key recommended and designated suppliers for many Fortune 500 companies, earning unanimous praise from both domestic and international customers.