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Located in the largest non-metallic mineral area in Asia, the Shangtianti Non-Metallic Mineral Resources in Xinyang, Henan, the company leverages the advantages of abundant and high-quality mineral reserves, along with extensive professional technical expertise, to dedicate itself to the development, production, and supply of perlite series products.

In 2022, IMCASTE (King Caster)proudly became the first and sole Chinese member of the "International Perlite Institute." This significant achievement facilitates our engagement with the global non-metallic mineral industry and expedites the worldwide promotion of perlite mineral products.

In 2023, we are fully committed to expanding agricultural and construction projects, developing materials suitable for landscaping and horticulture, including the import and export trade of soil substrates, as well as the production and assembly of new prefabricated buildings.

The company continuously integrates and focuses on fields such as casting, construction, agriculture, and the chemical industry. Relying on local distinctive non-metallic minerals, we provide comprehensive services including application solutions, research and innovation, material supply, and technical consultation.

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Technology and Products

Committed to material solutions and product innovation.

Metallurgy Casting

Slag remover、Riser heating agent、Carburizer

Construction Material

EPS particle modifier、Light aggregate concrete Prefabricated construction、Thermal perlite

Agroforestry and Horticulture

Imported coco peat、Horticultural perlite、Vermiculite Maifan Stone、Ceramisite

Industrial raw materials

Powder filling material、Perlite Microspheres Perlite sand、Perlite pipe shell

Filter material

Fast、Medium speed、Slow speed

Daily Chemical Raw Material

Hand washing powde、Hand sanitizer、Toothpaste、Facial cleanser

Services are Spread Worldwide

Xinyang IMCASTE Services and Sales cover more than 20 provinces and cities in China, and are extensively exported to countries such as Germany, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand. It is among the key recommended and designated suppliers for many Fortune 500 companies, earning unanimous praise from both domestic and international customers.

Company Develop


E Xinyang Shangtianti non-metallic mine, as an excellent mineral area in Asia, has seen the emergence of numerous production factories.


Establish a perlite product processing plant.


In 2008, a slag remover production line was established, and the perlite production line was expanded to enhance output efficiency.


The company is expanding the production of perlite products, conducting research and development on expanded perlite for agricultural and horticultural use, enhancing characteristics such as grain whiteness and hardness of texture, and also developing and preparing for production of large-grain perlite specifically designed for orchids.


Registered as Xinyang Caster New Materials Co., Ltd., the company, building upon its foundation of production and sales, has independently developed and promoted its proprietary brand, "KINGCASTER” for slag remover.


Research and promotion of high-quality lightweight slag remover series K and efficient slag remover series C.


The research and development of dust-free perlite for horticulture has received widespread acclaim in the Chinese, Southeast Asian, Korean, and Japanese markets.


The company is registered as Xinyang Sandantian Ecological Agriculture and Forestry Co., Ltd., expanding its range of suitable agricultural and horticultural substrate materials, and becoming a supplier of raw materials to multiple horticultural bases and e-commerce platforms.


The company has been renamed as Xinyang Imcaste Material Technology Co., Ltd. In the same year, it began production of a new type of building material, EPS particle modifier, and initiated pre-development in the prefabricated construction market, aiming to use new materials to create a better world.


We will bring together the Industrial, Construction, and Agricultural, creating a comprehensive cross-platform supply chain.

Company Culture

Operation Philosophy

Winning with materials, based on persistent struggle,

and proud of professionalism.

Developing Vision

Creating a better world with new materials.

Purpose of Operation

Promote the spirit of coexistence with the times

Adhering to the concept of co creation with the industry

Following the principle of win-win cooperation with customers

Adhere to the original intention of sharing with employees

Practice Green Development

Creating a Better World with New Materials

We focus on the development of "new green materials", "prefabricated buildings" and "efficient soilless cultivation" three industrial chains to build a global technical solution and product supply platform, so that Xinyang's unique "green" specialty promotion and service to the world.