Hand Washing Powder & Hand Sanitizer Raw Materials

Best perlite ore production, High water absorption rate, White appearance


Not all perlite products can be used to make hand washing powder, oil stain cleaner and other products, Only high-quality raw ore with high expansion multiple, high purity and less impurities can produce qualified products.

Product Introduction

Perlite (raw material for hand washing powder and hand sanitizer) has a particle size of 0.05-0.5mm (raw material 70-120 mesh). Perlite is porous and has adsorptive properties. Using this feature, it is used as a cleaning material. In addition, it has an appropriate hardness. It has a cleaning effect and a friction effect at the same time, which can effectively remove stubborn stains.

Production Performance

White fine powder, whiteness over 98, light bulk density, strong adsorption, PH value 6-7, reliable chemical stability, strong adsorption, high water absorption, soft hand feeling, after being kneaded by hand, it will become powdery with water There is no residue after washing, and it will not block the sewer. It is the main raw material for the production of hand sanitizer, hand washing powder and other daily cleaning products.


Mainly used in industrial hand washing powder, hand sanitizer raw materials, but also in whitening toothpaste, oil control facial cleanser.

Product Specification




Hand washing powder raw materials, 

toothpaste whitening granules


Hand sanitizer ingredients, 

facial cleanser scrub particles