Particles Perlite

Small capacity, low thermal conductivity, low sound absorption


Product Introduction

Particle perlite is a kind of porous structure, white, granular loose material made of acidic volcanic glassy perlite after crushing, preheating, and roasting expansion. It has small capacity, low thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, non-combustibility, Non-toxic, tasteless, sound-absorbing and other characteristics. Among them, the enhanced product is to spray silicone on the surface of expanded perlite to form a hydrophobic structure. Product color, bulk density, and specifications are similar to ordinary expanded perlite.


This product is mainly used for the insulation layer construction of large-scale ultra-low temperature thermal engineering, such as liquefied petroleum gas storage tanks, oxygen-generating air separation units, natural gas, liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen refrigerated transport vehicles and ships, etc.

Production Performance

This product has good ultra-low temperature insulation performance.