Powder Filling Material

The volume filling of the product can replace some expensive fillers and reduce the cost.


Product Introduction

White powder, whiteness can reach more than 80%, density 40-400kg/m3, is an inorganic, green environmental protection product, the product is non-toxic, tasteless, small density, light bulk density, non-combustible, acid and alkali resistant, stable Physical and chemical properties, safe storage and transportation. It has the advantages of wide application range, sanitation and less environmental pollution.


Expanded perlite micropowder is mainly used for volume filling of products, and can replace some expensive fillers to reduce costs, such as: plastics, rubber, paint thickeners, resins, extruded boards, solar cells, photovoltaic materials, Silicon wafers, silicon rods, firecrackers, fireworks, density filling regulators used in fireworks, and emulsification regulators for firecrackers; stabilize the properties of dangerous goods (flammable/explosive), and can achieve good results without changing their performance.

Product Performance

This product has strong stability, good safety, is not easy to generate static electricity, hits with a hammer, does not make noise or explode when rubbed, is difficult to ignite with incense, has low density, light bulk density, and low cost, so it is an ideal filling material.