Perlite Microspheres

Used in industry, agriculture, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and many other fiel


Product Introduction

Perlite Microspheres are a new type of environmentally friendly inorganic lightweight thermal insulation material. In addition to the excellent properties of light weight, heat preservation, heat insulation and fire prevention, they also have non-combustible, high strength, low water absorption, good compatibility and long service life. long advantage. The product is made of selected ore with special particle size, which is expanded in the electric furnace heating mode. Through the precise control of temperature and raw material dwell time, the surface of the product is melted, the pores are closed, and it is irregular spherical particles. Chemically closed, smooth gloss, very stable physical and chemical properties.


The product can be used as lightweight aggregate in new building materials industry; As a partial substitute for drifters in the lightweight refractory industry; As a substitute for glass microbeads in the emulsion explosive industry, it has a very broad application prospect and can be widely used in industry, agriculture, building materials, chemical industry, smelting, light industry and many other fields.

Production Performance

- Small thermal conductivity, light weight (small volume weight)

- Fire, high and low temperature resistance

- Anti-aging

- Low water absorption

- Stable performance

- Environmental protection

Material composition and structure

- Inorganic vitreous mineral material

- They are irregular spherical particles

- The interior is porous cavity structure