Perlite Pipe Shell

Used in industry, agriculture, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and many other fiel


Product Introduction

The hydrophobic perlite insulation shell can be made into plates of different specifications and thicknesses. Its waterproof principle is not to block the capillary pores of the tissue structure, but to form a network-like hydrophobic film layer inside the board. The body structure repels water molecules, and at the same time it can maintain the original air permeability of the insulation pipe. During the construction and maintenance period of the equipment itself, the water evaporates, and the thermal insulation pipes that have been treated for thermal insulation and waterproofing can still "breathe freely". Long term use does not shrink or deform, can be processed and spliced at will, and is environmentally friendly. Because it is all made of natural inorganic materials, its physical and chemical performance indicators are stable, and it can achieve the same lifespan as the pipeline equipment. At the same time, it is a thermal insulation material with fireproof insulation, heat insulation, waterproof and other properties. There are various varieties and can be customized and processed according to customer needs.

Production Performance

1.Friendly environment

2.Fire-resistant and heat-insulating, low thermal conductivity

3.Low density, uniform and dense

5.Good strength, flexural and compressive resistance

6.Easy to cut, easy to process

Physical Index






Compressive (Mpa)









200-260   0.048    0.85    0.49   0  99.5%