High Carbon, Low Sulfur, Low Nitrogen,Low Temperature Instant Solution, Good Absorption


Product Introduction

Produced through a graphitization process using high-quality low-sulfur petroleum coke as raw material, it is used for carbon addition in various electric furnace smelting of steel and cast iron. It boasts extremely high purity, excellent particle morphology, and a graphitized hexagonal crystal structure. Not only does it serve the purpose of carbon addition, but it also promotes the nucleation of cast iron, improves graphite morphology, increases the number of graphite nodules, and enhances the material's mechanical and processing properties. Depending on sulfur content, it is categorized into three levels: low-sulfur, medium-sulfur, and high-sulfur.

Product Specification

- Graphie Particle

Fully Graphitized Carburizer

Semi-graphitized Carburizer  0-2mm

Semi-graphitized Carburizer  1-3mm


Carburizer  1-5mm

Usage Method

1. Place the carburizer in the middle and lower part of the electric furnace. That is, after placing a small amount of iron material in the furnace to melt it (or a small amount of hot metal remaining on the furnace), add the required metal charge, and press all the carburizer into the hot metal, so that the carburizer is fully in contact with the hot metal.

2. The slag removal operation of hot metal should be avoided during the absorption of the carburizer, so as to avoid the carburizer being taken out with the slag.

3. It is recommended that the return charge or pig iron be added after the carburizer is cleared.

4. Before hot metal is released, a small dose of carburizer can be added to the surface of hot metal for carbon fine-tuning, and the carburizer can be dissolved and absorbed by eddy current stirring or manual stirring.

5. Siliconization and sulfurization should be carried out after the carburizing agent is absorbed.

Packing Specification

20 kg/bag, ton bag