Slag Remover K Series

Light weight, Less dosage, No splash, High temperature resistance


Product Introduction

Slag remover is mainly used to aggregate non-melting substances on the surface of the molten steel solution, making it easy to remove and ensuring the purity of the molten steel solution. It can also serve as a high-quality insulation cover and slag barrier material, with a thick insulation layer and excellent slag barrier performance, effectively isolating the air to prevent secondary oxidation of the molten iron solution. The K-series lightweight slag remover does not crack, spreads quickly and evenly, and has strong slag collection ability. It effectively prevents slag inclusion defects in castings, improves the inherent quality of castings, increases casting yield, and reduces production costs. It is easy to use, reduces labor intensity for workers, and enhances production efficiency.

Product Specification






10-18 mesh



Stainless steel, high manganese steel, alloy steel, investment mold, precision steel casting


18-30 mesh



Ordinary cast steel, carbon steel, general requirements for cast steel parts


30-50 mesh




Ductile iron, gray iron, alloy iron, high precision cast iron






Ductile iron, gray iron,continuous casting, low temperature casting

Usage Method

1, when the electric furnace melting, when the metal melting, on the surface of the liquid metal with an appropriate amount of slag removal agent initial slag, and then spread a thin layer to cover the surface of the liquid metal, play the role of heat preservation and slag accumulation, slag stripping before baking;

2. Sprinkle a little slag remover on the surface of the hot metal in the ladle. After slagging, sprinkle a little cover can be poured;

3, the total amount of addition is about 0.1-0.3% of the weight of liquid metal;

☆ Note: Because the boiler temperature and the range of use are not the same, please contact customer service to recommend details to you to help you buy more suitable products.

Packing Specification

20 kg/bag, ton bag