Visit perlite customers in Thailand

分类:Company News  来源:创始人  发布时间:2023-09-07 11:35:21

In September 2022, we went to Thailand to visit a long-time customer. The client runs a family farm and own processing plant specializing in the production of horticultural materials. Although we have worked with them for many years, this is the first time we have met. Our aim is to deeply understand the actual situation of our customers and their special requirements in order to provide them with more accurate services. We also produce a range of tailor-made products for home users and farms, tailored to the local market conditions in Thailand.

In the communication, the customer shared with us the problems of poor quality and insufficient quantity of perlite purchased in China before cooperating with us, which caused them a lot of troubles. Once they mistakenly thought that Chinese perlite was of inferior quality, until they met Custer, they realized that we could make such high quality perlite. Our products not only generate revenue for them, but also bring significant improvements to their business. Because our high quality perlite is loved and recognized by customers, they also recommend us to more potential customers, and further expand our business influence.

This visit not only deepened the cooperation between us and the customer, but also let us establish a deep friendship. We learned that we are not only partners, but also trusted friends. Through this rare face-to-face communication, we have a deeper understanding of the customer's family background, business philosophy and future planning. This candid and close relationship has added more warmth and confidence to our cooperation and laid a solid foundation for even closer cooperation in the future.

In summary, this trip to Thailand not only made us have a deeper understanding of the actual situation and needs of customers, but also established a sincere friendship in interpersonal communication. Our gratitude to this family is beyond words and we look forward to continuing to work together to create a better tomorrow.