Visit Coco Company in Thailand

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Sam is like our big brother, and when we come to his territory, we enjoy an uninterrupted feast of delicious food. Every three hours, he will lead us to taste delicious food and fresh fruits, and also take us to visit various interesting farms. Sam's enthusiasm is as hot as his name, allowing us to indulge in delicious food every day until we can no longer hold onto it.

Coco Company was co founded by Sam and his friends, specializing in the production of coconut bran products. They recycled the discarded coconut shells, washed them with water, and crushed them to create a substrate for seedling cultivation. They also developed planting bags for soilless cultivation. With its unique patented technology, Coco's coconut bran is widely popular in Thailand and has successfully replaced traditional peat. This seedling substrate not only has significant effects, but also can be used for soilless cultivation. It has now been exported to Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and China. And we, as their agents in China, are also operating their coconut bran products.

Our partnership is not just about partners, but also true friends. In the future, there will be more possibilities for our cooperation. We not only share our business, but also share our friendship and ideas with each other. Whether it's perlite or coconut husk, they have become the bond between us and have also created beautiful stories of cooperation and friendship.