Imported COCO Peat

High Quality Growth MediumCoco Peat Plus & Coco Substratehas better rooting ability than peat


IMCASTE is the general agent of C.A.COCO products in China. 

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Coco Agriculture Company Limited

Innovative Products of Science Park in Southern Thailand


Extracting growth media from discarded leftovers and combining coconut shells to develop products can help farmers reduce production costs while making the raw 

materials more environmentally friendly.

Product Introduction:

Coco peat plus 

- Good air filling with low EC and pH porosity

- Control high water retention capacity

- Add special nutrients for sowing

- Stronger Root System

Coco substrate 

- Value (EC): Below 0.5 ms.pH Value: 5.5-6.5 Fiber reduction

- Consistent quality of tannins and sodium

Grow slabs 

- PH 5.5 ~ 6.5.

- Salt value (EC): less than 0.5 ms pH value: 5.5~6.5


Product Features:

- Innovation product from Thailand Science Park 

- bulk density is suitable for seedling, less coco fiber 

- Reduce Na and Tannin , Non toxic with plant root and seedling

- Adjust pH 5.5-6.5 and suitable for growing and plant can absorb fertilizer very well

- Added special fertilizer for seedling and plant(N,P,K and micronutrient) The farmer no need to fill 

  fertilizer approximately 30 days after sowing seed. 

- Ec of coco peat before mixed fertilizer < 0.5 ms.

- Ec after mixed fertilizer around 1.4-1.7 ms.