EPS Particle Modifier

The raw material imported from Germany Does not contain any gel material


Product Introduction:

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) concrete uses EPS particles as the primary aggregate instead of traditional sand and gravel in lightweight aggregate concrete. Due to the hydrophobic nature of EPS particles, they have weak bonding with cement mortar, resulting in poor workability and low strength of EPS concrete, limiting its engineering applications. However, lightweight aggregate concrete mortar, produced by blending with EASYMIXTM, exhibits stable performance unaffected by time and environmental changes, making it suitable for various types of roofs, walls, and floors.

Product Advantages

1. Mixes perfectly with water and binders

2. Uniform distribution of EPS particles in mortar

3. Thanks to its lightweight properties, it pumps perfectly

4. To prevent polystyrene beads from floating on the surface