Sound insulation, thermal insulation, acid and alkali resistance,fire resistance, and strong electri


products introduction

Hydrophobic perlite is a novel insulation material characterized by its low thermal conductivity, typically around 0.045 W/m·K, and can even go as low as 0.041 W/m·K. Its exterior is coated with a layer of encapsulating glass, providing it with higher compressive strength and durability, reducing the likelihood of damage during usage. This significantly lowers the rate of breakage during application, thus effectively maintaining insulation performance. Simultaneously, it reduces material water absorption, decreases the water content required for the mix, and results in a notably shorter overall drying and solidification time for the material, contributing to improved construction efficiency.

The water absorption rate of hydrophobic perlite is less than 10%.

Sound insulation, thermal insulation, acid and alkali resistance, fire resistance, and strong electrical insulation properties.

Hydrophobic perlite shares the same specifications as expanded perlite and is used in the construction industry as a filling aggregate. Compared to expanded perlite, hydrophobic perlite has a lower water absorption rate, better thermal stability, and stronger electrical insulation properties, making it the preferred choice for filling materials.

Hydrophobic perlite in water: It is insoluble in water, floats on the water surface, and its weight hardly changes.